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Humans + Artificial Intelligence =
Incredible Sales Teams for 10% the cost!

We have dedicated A.I. experts to do the work of an entire sales team for you.

Our A.I. sales teams have connected clients to prospects at these companies


We bundle and manage these industry leading tools for you!


Hours saved per week

We include and manage Salesforce CRM for you!
Saves you 8 hours a week.


LinkedIn Connections
per month

We connect you to over 80 NEW LinkedIn Connections per month with target leads.


Higher email open rates

We retarget your leads with Mailchimp email automation
achieving greater results.


Better Lead Prediction Rates using A.I.

We utilize industry leader Einstein A.I. to rank the best prospects for you.

SocialMatterz is critical, because it fuels social engagement that’s organic, human and ultimately focused on putting our content in the right hands. That’s what SocialMatterz does for us. They work with me to understand the mission, understand the goal, understand the content and drive engagement, not just reach.Jovan Hackley, Director of Marketing of Student Loan Genius
I’m hoping having the SocialMatterz team reach out with initial conversation instead of it being passive will improve the quantity and quality of our leads. Without a huge team, social media tends to be passive or a broadcast model because engagement requires resources. I’m excited to have it be more of a personal conversation.Jen Carole, Marketing Director of Venafi
While I was a bit reluctant at first, I have to say that SocialMatters.ai personal approach, with a real human involved, has been surprisingly effective in increasing our following as well as converting enough sales to basically pay for itself.Mike Wilson, Gambitious Digital Entertainment

Don’t go another day without a sales team working for you!

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