Boosting Conference ROI with Targeted Digital Engagement


Conferences and tradeshows are great tools for marketing and lead generation, but creating a successful presence at these events requires a big investment of time and money. That’s why many companies struggle to see a clear return on their tradeshow investment. For a limited marketing team it’s hard enough to plan and man the booth. Generating a meaningful buzz to stand out in a crowd of hundreds, if not thousands of different exhibitors is simply beyond the abilities of many in-house marketing teams.

vThreat, a digital security firm specializing in cyber-attack simulations and network testing, faced this issue while preparing for the RSA Conference, one of the largest info security conferences in the nation. Due to the size of their team, they recognized that additional support was needed to effectively promote their presence. They partnered with to increase foot traffic to their booth and raise brand awareness.

Strategy creates custom social engagement for clients using Twitter and LinkedIn. For vThreat, started by identifying prospects in the digital security space and worked with vThreat to identify engaging content that can be shared to start conversations online. From there started conversations on Twitter with potential RSA attendees using relevant hashtags and the custom content. Sharing relevant content and creating conversations around relevant topics created awareness for vThreat that made it easy to guide people to the booth.

On LinkedIn, similarly reached out to security professionals, including testers, recommenders, and buyers to share content surrounding digital security. Each connection was idea-focused, creating meaningful conversations about a relevant security topic. also used these connections to drive traffic to the vThreat booth and the vThreat website.


Live engagement on the ground combined with the digital engagement on social platforms doubled vThreat’s exposure and increased traffic. Every engagement on a social platform shed light on their services and directly increased overall brand awareness at the conference. The content that developed was re-shared by digital security influencers which promoted vThreat’s services in a unique and organic way.

“ was our virtual marketing team dedicated to driving traffic to our booth, which helped tremendously making this a very stressful conference for us.”

The active social media presence that created as part of the conference strategy resulted in numerous online conversations on Linkedin and Twitter with CISO’s and other professionals that lead to in-person booth meetings and other ongoing online interactions.



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