Patient Recruitment Start-Up Secures $1.2 Million Contract through LinkedIn Engagement

Greater control of high quality messaging Outreach to a new sphere of influencers and decision makers A single connection resulted in a $1.2 million contract SubjectWell is reinventing how patients are connected with the clinical trials that can improve the health of thousands of patients, and further the research work of pharmaceutical firms, biotech businesses [...]

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Expanding Client Books for Wealth Managers

Challenge for Private Wealth Managers Building a client book is considered one of the greatest challenges for private wealth managers. Today, advisors must play the numbers game; the more prospects an advisor connects with, the greater the number of new clients the advisor acquires. Traditional methods of cold-calling and emailing is time consuming and detracts [...]

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Boosting Conference ROI with Targeted Digital Engagement

Challenge Conferences and tradeshows are great tools for marketing and lead generation, but creating a successful presence at these events requires a big investment of time and money. That’s why many companies struggle to see a clear return on their tradeshow investment. For a limited marketing team it’s hard enough to plan and man the [...]

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How College Students are Expanding Their Networks on LinkedIn

Challenge Networking in college is vital to achieve any level of success but building a network can seem impossible to students with little to no experience. That’s why the recruiting process is broken; career fairs want to hire students with job experience without affording them the opportunity to put experience on their resumes in the [...]

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Using AngelList and LinkedIn to Connect with Potential Investors

Challenge As a founder, startup fundraising can feel like running a marathon. First, a founder has to research and identify the right investor audience. Then, the founder tries to build and leverage his or her network to create warm introductions, but even getting in the door is difficult. Investors’ emails are often flooded with introductions, [...]

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How One Engaged Tweet Leads to $20,000 in Revenue for Student Loan Genius

Social Plays Key Role in Filling the Sales Pipeline for Bold New Employer Benefit Offering Student Loan Genius Credits 50% of Leads Resulting in Closed Deals and at least 75% of their Q2 sales funnel to inbound marketing and SocialMatterz engagements. Single SocialMatterz Twitter contact results in $24,000 sale, closed in weeks. “I’m a believer [...]

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Venafi, Global Security Leader, Generates Qualified Leads at RSA Using

Venafi is the Immune System for the Internet®, protecting the foundation of all cybersecurity—keys and certificates—so they can’t be used by bad guys. Venafi discovers cryptographic keys and digital certificates and restores trust to corporate security. From stopping certificate-based outages to enabling SSL inspection, Venafi creates an ever-evolving, intelligent response that protects the network, the [...]

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