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Venafi is the Immune System for the Internet®, protecting the foundation of all cybersecurity—keys and certificates—so they can’t be used by bad guys. Venafi discovers cryptographic keys and digital certificates and restores trust to corporate security. From stopping certificate-based outages to enabling SSL inspection, Venafi creates an ever-evolving, intelligent response that protects the network, the business and the brand.

One of Venafi’s biggest marketing efforts every year is the RSA Conference. This is where their target audience interacts, learns and connects with the security world. They know this conference always trends heavily on Twitter as attendees and exhibitors have conversations about what’s breaking at the event. Venafi wanted to take full advantage of the excitement and join in the conversation but resources were constrained as the team was busy working the show.

They turned to SocialMatterz for a “Virtual Assistant” Conference package.

We provided a live, SocialMatterz social media expert who focused on  increasing awareness, driving brand engagement, web traffic, and starting meaningful conversations and qualified leads.

Venafi wanted to reach out via Twitter during the RSA Conference.

Jen Carole, Marketing Director, Venafi before the event:

“I don’t have staff for this, so [SocialMatterz] is almost like my virtual team for our social media.  I’m delighted they’ll be reaching out to prospects. I’m going to have both gated and ungated content to test if gated content slows folks down.

I’m hoping having the SocialMatterz team reach out with initial conversation instead of it being passive will improve the quantity and quality of our leads. Without a huge team, social media tends to be passive or a broadcast model because engagement requires resources. I’m excited to have it be more of a personal conversation.”

Here were the results:


103 Warm Conversations  |  84 Link Clicks  |  9 Leads

From Feb. 26-March 10, 2016 of the conference, SocialMatterz engaged in 103 warm prospect conversations on Twitter. Out of the 103 warm prospect conversations, SocialMatterz sent 84 link clicks to Venafi’s blog content, matched 84 LinkedIn profiles, and connected 9 leads directly to the Venafi team at the RSA Conference.

How We Engaged with Conference Attendees Inviting Them to Visit Venafi’s Booth

After the event, Jen Carole has this to say:

“The distinguishing factor has been the human component and their willingness and commitment to connecting humans to their proprietary solution that identifies likely prospects. So that’s huge. Even with a tool like Marketo, it’s so mechanical, it can be incredibly frustrating if you want to do more. You have to be an expert at the mechanics, and at that point you have basically traded away the human aspect of connecting.

I have to say it’s one of the reasons that SocialMatterz intrigued me more than some of the other social tools I have used in the past. Tools like HubSpot and others simply help you continue to broadcast, but none of them actually look for people and offer personal engagement. That’s the human element. That’s the big difference.”

SocialMatterz has Real People Analyzing for You What’s Working and What’s Not:

SocialMatterz utilized bio criteria to target Venafi’s blogs to specific personas. For instance, SocialMatterz engaged CIOs with the following question – “Have you seen our new CIO research?” and provided them the link to Venafi’s blog post for CIOs.

SocialMatterz also leveraged hot topics and trends on Twitter. During that time, the “Apple vs FBI” case was buzzing on Twitter. SocialMatterz nurtured the people talking about that topic with the question – “What’s your opinion on the case?” pointing them to Venafi’s blog post.

From this, SocialMatterz is able to give Venafi valuable feedback on which marketing content is working towards which personas:

  • How many tweet conversations were started from the Apple / FBI link?     38%
  • How many tweet conversations were started from the CIO research link?    12%
  • How many tweet conversations were started from the website link?             25%
  • How many tweet conversations were started from the DROWN links?       19%
  • How many tweet conversations were started from the download link?        6%

This is extremely valuable information for Venafi’s marketing team to gauge which posts are getting clicked the most by which target persona.

By partnering with SocialMatterz, Venafi was able to actively engage with people during an important event in a whole new way. They increased their brand engagement, drove qualified traffic to their marketing content, and generated valuable leads via Twitter conversation.

“SocialMatterz is an extension of my team. That’s very different than a tool that I use. That kind of personal touch is invaluable. That’s something that can cut through the noise in social media. And cutting through the noise is the hardest thing. Twitter is like a party – you have to bring good appetizers to keep people engaged, but ultimately, I need the cool people — my potential leads — to move to the private party in the back room. These are the people who help me work the crowd.

So that’s what I think of SocialMatterz. They are working the room and helping me get the people I want to move down the sales funnel with me.”

Jen Carole, Venafi

If you generate quality marketing content but are struggling to connect to influencers and target audiences, try SocialMatterz today to tap into conversations on Twitter and LinkedIn!

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