Have the Presence of a Fortune 500 Company with a Startup Budget


Conferences and tradeshows are great tools for marketing and lead generation, but creating a successful presence at these events requires a big investment of time and money. That’s why many companies struggle to see a clear return on their tradeshow investment. Generating a meaningful buzz to stand out in a crowd of exhibitors is simply beyond the abilities of many in-house marketing teams.

Just Legal, a startup online marketplace that connects potential clients with hundreds of attorneys, decided to exhibit the annual American Bar Association Conference. As a nimble startup with just 10 employees they needed a way to create a big splash and to drive prospects to their booth. “We wanted to have the presence of a Fortune 500 company – with a startup budget” says Willy Ogorzaly, CEO of Just Legal.


Just Legal already knew the types of legal professionals who’d be most responsive to their service, so SocialMatters.ai did extensive research and developed a customized strategy through Twitter and Linkedin. They started by monitoring Twitter feeds for conference attendees who were actively using the conference hashtag. Instead of targeting every attendee who used the conference, SocialMatters.ai created a list based on the criteria provided by Just Legal in order to maximize the potential for each engagement. After identifying key individuals, SocialMatters.ai began engaging them on Twitter and making connections.

Once these connections were made on Twitter, SocialMatters.ai then sent a personalized message on Linkedin inviting each individual to visit the Just Legal booth and speak with a team member. This multi-channel approach created stronger connections online, which led to purposeful interactions with the right people at the conference booth.


With this two-pronged approach, Just Legal was able to turn a vast amount of the targeted individuals into leads. “They opened the door for huge partnerships that could potentially have tremendous value for our business,” says Ogorzaly. SocialMatters.ai reached out to practice management advisors from a number of different bar associations with specific messaging regarding the benefits of Just Legal’s services. Both the Maryland Bar Association and the Minnesota Bar Association expressed interest and are currently discussing contracts.

Just Legal’s active social presence not only drove traffic to the booth, but, for those who weren’t attending the conference, it increased their social media audience and website traffic as well. “Market development was never something we set out to add at this stage of our growth, but it is something we clearly benefit from,” said Frank Burns, VP of Marketing at Just Legal. “For us, SocialMatters is a digitized market developer.” The numerous digital connections resulted in ongoing conversations with relevant industry professionals, and strong leads that made a significant impact on their growth.

Try SocialMatters.ai today if you’re ready to elevate your results in the B2B space, like JustLegal!

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