How College Students are Expanding Their Networks on LinkedIn


Networking in college is vital to achieve any level of success but building a network can seem impossible to students with little to no experience. That’s why the recruiting process is broken; career fairs want to hire students with job experience without affording them the opportunity to put experience on their resumes in the first place. While the need to expand one’s network is crucial, it is difficult for students to navigate let alone balance with the responsibility of school.

Steven Diaz, a computer science senior at the University of Texas at Austin, understands that simply submitting an online application is not sufficient in the current job market. “Those have low turn around, you don’t get to interact with anyone, and you’re not guaranteed any feedback. In some sense, it seems like you’re wasting your time” says Steven. Even for students who do put forth the effort to meet people in their respected fields, the current process is difficult emotionally draining, and inherently limiting. “When you’re a student you don’t have industry experience or connection. Your network is just other students. Your network is limited by the demographic you’re surrounded by,” says Steven. The question is around quality of the contacts I’m making and how effective they are.


Steven already knew that he wanted to connect with high level executives at startups to prepare for a future career after graduation. leveraged AI technology to identify prospects within Steven’s target audience that have a high likelihood to connect with him and curated a list based on the criteria provided by Steven. Once connections were made on LinkedIn, then sent out personally tailored messages to nurture the conversation towards a meeting where Steven could gain valuable advice towards his career.


With this approach, Steven was able to make 14 new connections and received 5 connection responses with c-suite executives and tech founders in the Bay area within 2 weeks. Steven was satisfied with the high level connections. “I definitely would not have talked with those people outside of and getting a call with any of those connections would be valuable” says Steven. In addition to the connections and conversations that Steven was able to make, his LinkedIn account has also received more profile views which Steven thinks will positively impact his presence on LinkedIn.

A real connection response Steven received with the solution


Steven’s LinkedIn engagement broken down by the connection’s bio


The connections Steven made broken down by our tailored messaging

Armed with an increased knowledge of his desired career industry and a strong network of mentors and experts, Steven is confident that he has a strategic advantage over other students with similar ambitions. Social made Steven’s time more effective towards growing his network instead of struggling in a failing recruiting system.

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