Provident Wealth Advisors closed a deal within 45 days of launching their campaign.

  • 1st client closed within 45 days of launching campaign
  • 10x Return on Investment (ROI) with the right client
  • Common connections was a door-opener for client meetings

About Provident Wealth Advisors

Provident Wealth Advisors, located in the Woodlands, Texas, is an independent financial planning firm with an open architecture. They deploy a collaborative team of professionals to take care of their client’s financial affairs, so that their clients can focus on what’s most important to them in their lives.

Launching the Campaign launched a prospecting campaign targeting affluent families and small business owners in the greater Houston metropolitan area. Using their expertise and data, the SocialMatters’ team of Concierges, the solution’s “Humans in the Loop,” consulted with Daniel Goodwin, President of Provident Wealth and created an effective campaign from a one hour phone call. “It’s automatic, attentive and personal. It was easy. It’s technology based, but there’s a person behind it that you can interface with. Once we had the campaign set up, which didn’t take more than an hour of my time, it’s highly automated,” said Goodwin.

Daniel continued to describe the value of SocialMatters, “What I like about SocialMatters is that it’s operating in the background, prospecting for me on a systemic basis while I’m working and doing other things.”

1st Client Closed within 45 Days

Within a couple of weeks of starting the campaign, Daniel began to line up phone calls. And with one prospective client, the prospect noticed that they had local connections in common, “It was a matter of catching him at the right time…we had a common connection. He was able to identify that we had common connections, and he felt that was the door-opener.” This client signed on the following week after visiting Provident Wealth offices. “I’ve had 3 or 4 phone calls, and I’ve signed 1 client and still have live opportunities.” says Goodwin.

Return on Investment

Provident Wealth clients stay an average of 10 years, so the lifetime value of each client is significant. “The right client would pay for one year of SocialMatters’ services in the first year. And a typical client for Provident Wealth stays on average for 10 years. The right client could bring back 10x return over 10 years.” says Goodwin.

The SocialMatters Value

For Daniel, using acknowledges the elephant in the room – times are changing and traditional methods are both time consuming and no longer as effective; advisors have to adapt to thrive, “It [] leverages Social Media in a way that matches the changing and evolving world. Things from the past that used to work — like seminars and billboards, those are things of the past. This is the future. It could be an important spoke in your marketing wheel. To have a successful marketing campaign, you have to have irons in the fire — and as it relates to automation and technology, I think this has a lot of potential.”

Perhaps most importantly, though, returns valuable time that Daniel uses to focus on working with his team to provide his firm’s hallmark client service – Provident’s key differentiator. “Time is the most precious commodity to a successful Financial Advisor and when you can outsource your marketing, the return of investment can be very attractive.”

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