Expanding Client Books for Wealth Managers

Challenge for Private Wealth Managers

Building a client book is considered one of the greatest challenges for private wealth managers. Today, advisors must play the numbers game; the more prospects an advisor connects with, the greater the number of new clients the advisor acquires. Traditional methods of cold-calling and emailing is time consuming and detracts from time better spent on relationship building and portfolio analysis. The challenge of both prospecting and taking care of current clients can determine the success or failure of a wealth manager.

Meet the Client

Jared Toren is the founder of Proper Wealth Management. For Jared, building his book meant manually pushing prospects down the funnel. Jared recognizes that LinkedIn is a valuable tool to expand his network but understands that the process is tedious. “Time is very valuable… every time I made a connection [on LinkedIn], I would have to write it down and remind myself to follow up, then email them to schedule a meeting…I spent upwards of 2 hours a day, sometimes 4 -10 hours a week on LinkedIn,” says Jared. Even though Jared was spending many hours everyday on LinkedIn, it still wasn’t sufficient. “Frankly, the problem was that I wasn’t spending enough time on LinkedIn… I really needed to dedicate 10 to 20 hours a week which I just couldn’t do”. With a goal to double the number of clients in his book, scaling up meant more manual labor on Jared’s end.

SocialMatters.ai Solution

That’s when Jared turned to SocialMatters.ai. SocialMatters.ai leverages social platforms to identify, meet, and nurture relationships with prospects. This is crucial for any wealth manager to expand their book. “LinkedIn has been a great tool to meet new people and get in front of potential clients. Besides referrals, which in my industry are very hard to come by…LinkedIn is my number one strategy to meet new people” said Jared.

Jared sought to connect with CEOs/founders, exiting founders, and c-level executives in Austin, TX. Socialmatters.ai utilizes its AI technology to create a list of prospects that are likely to connect with Jared based on their LinkedIn activity. “The messaging Socialmatters.ai used to connect is definitely resonating with folks,” said Jared.  The Socialmtters.ai solution removed the need for Jared to do any manual labor and gave Jared his time back to dedicate towards his client.

SocialMatters.ai Results

After running the campaign for 3 weeks, Jared was able to make 164 new connections, have 68 new conversations, and 31 meeting requests with people in his target audience.


Socialmatters.ai was working around the clock even when their clients are not. “I was up at 2:30 in the morning and I saw things going on in my LinkedIn account. There’s something exciting about activity going on and moving the ball forward without me having to do anything. It’s been very valuable,” said Jared.


Even though Jared has been in the wealth management industry for 8 years now, he strongly believes that Socialmatters.ai is a powerful tool for both new and experienced wealth managers to expand their client books. “Socialmatters.ai is useful whether you are just starting out or if you’ve been in the business because you just don’t have the time to devote towards marketing…If you can bring on clients that still want to grow their books but lack the time I think it’s valuable for them,” said Jared. Socialmatters.ai gave Jared valuable time back to devote towards working with his clients and growing his business. “I’m using this amazing service that allows me to focus on what I get paid to do, which is doing research on new investments, managing current client investments and all the other day to day business activities. At the same time I have a group that is focused on making introductions and expanding my network and client base without me having to lift a finger,” said Jared.

Before SocialMatters.ai, Jared “never got a response from a connection that [immediately] led to a meeting”  and would dedicate his valuable time to following up.  Socialmatters.ai expanded Jared’s client book without Jared having to lift a finger. Jared can now dedicate valuable time he used to spend on prospecting towards better serving his clients, both old and new.


Try Socialmatters.ai to expand your client book today!

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