Patient Recruitment Start-Up Secures $1.2 Million Contract through LinkedIn Engagement

  • Greater control of high quality messaging
  • Outreach to a new sphere of influencers and decision makers
  • A single connection resulted in a $1.2 million contract

SubjectWell is reinventing how patients are connected with the clinical trials that can improve the health of thousands of patients, and further the research work of pharmaceutical firms, biotech businesses and medical device companies. The company has created the first risk-free clinical trials marketplace where the sponsor of a clinical trial only pays for highly screened and vetted candidates that actually randomize into a study. This enables predictable per-patient enrollment costs with a guaranteed ROI for the firm driving the study.


With such a bold pay-for-performance concept, SubjectWell needed to break through to an audience that is more familiar with the typical direct-response, study-specific marketing efforts that accompany most clinical trials. “We needed to get the word out about this ground-breaking approach,” stated Tony Averbeck, Vice President of Business Development for SubjectWell. “I wanted to make sure that our unique message is communicated in every outreach and to be sure we were reaching new influencers in large, complex organizations.”


The method to achieving these goals was quite simple, according to Averbeck. “They started with detailed interviews to get inside my head,” he explained. “SocialMatters knows that the more they understand our business, the more they can communicate just like me. I shared a few elevator pitches so they could learn my style and how I present the value of SubjectWell. They took this insight and crafted a campaign designed to help me make essential connections with prospects through LinkedIn.” uses a specialized combination of automation and live interaction to help connect Averbeck with the audience he needs to reach, and help him establish a dialog with interested prospects.

“SocialMatters conducted extensive A/B testing to find the right message that breaks through the noise and enables me to connect with new prospects,” Averbeck shared. “I receive regular reports to know what messages have the greatest impact. But it’s the human touch used by SocialMatters that really makes the difference in generating a response from these invitations to connect. And when a response occurs, I’m notified immediately and I can usually answer that prospect within minutes.”


“SocialMatters delivers much more control. Their combination of technology and human interactions ensures that the quality of the message is always on-point and that it sounds like me. As a result, I’ve been able to connect with people I had not been able to reach before and SubjectWell has had dozens of new meaningful conversations, many of which have led to proposals.” also enables Averbeck to expand his target list of influencers. “We had a win at a very large public medical device company where the person with whom I originally connected started a process where the sale was closed in just two phone calls—This deal has a contract value of $1.2 million dollars. Needless to say, this has made our investment in SocialMatters well worthwhile.”

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